• High efficiency of steel handling compared to traditional methods.
  • Relative operating time ED 75% in 10 min cycle. 
  • Maximum magnetic flux density >2T at reduced lifting magnet power and deadweight.
  • Adjustment of operating parameters including attractive force by electronic control.
  • Shortest lifting magnet demagnetization time. Residual magnetism below 2mT.
  • Set of lifting magnets for handling of up to 18 m long sheets and sections.

Accessories of rectangular lifting magnet

  • Control box for power supply and control of the lifting magnet.
  • DC converter to adjust the lifting magnet power with the potentiometer or tip off button. 
  • Emergency back-up power supply system provided with immediate voltage failure signalling and switching over to the emergency battery supply.
  • Spring-driven or motor-driven cable reel supplying power to the lifting magnet.
  • Remote control from the gantry operator control panel.
  • Radio control for ground personnel.
  • Chain slings.
  • Telescopic cross-beam enables lifting the materials of different length.

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