Hard ferrite magnet: F30
External diameter (outer diameter): 30mm +0.1 / - 0.1 mm
Height (height): 3mm +0.1 / - 0.1 mm
Magnetisation (magnetisation): 3mm
Weight (Weight): 10 g

Magnetic properties of material grade F30: remanence Br min. 0,37 [T], coercivity HcB min. 175 [kA/m], coercivity HcJ min. 180 [kA/m], energy product (BH)max min. 26 [kJ/m3] (Magnetic properties of a particular material, together with its shape, volume, max. working temperature and direction of magnetization have influence on practical magnetic properties of a magnet.)

Physical proprieties: density ~4,5 [g/cm3], resistivity 104 - 108 [Ohm x cm]

Max. working temperature wynosi approx. 250°[C]. (For flat magnets and magnets mounted in the open magnetic circuit working temperature may be insignificantly lower. For high magnets and magnets mounted in the closed magnetic circuit working temperature equals max. working temperature for a given material.) Curie’s temperature is ~ 450°[C]. Temperature coefficient of remanence TK(Br): approx. -0,19 %/°[C]. Temperature coefficient of coercivity TK(HcJ): approx. 0,40 %/°[C].

Direction of magnetization along the height means that one circular surface of a magnet makes the N-pole, while the other – opposite – circular surface refers to the S-pole.

Ferrite magnets do not require anticorrosive protection. They my be used in water.

As ceramic magnets, ferrite magnets are brittle.

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D30x3 F30 Ferrite magnets

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